I shut down the LOTGD server, didn't seem like anyone was consistantly playing.

BLOODBBS Started as a project back in 2011(on Iniquity) and eventually picked back up 2020-2021(started using Mystic) and ran it for a few years.
But between family life and my job I wasn't paying it any attention. I picked it back up in 2023 after having moved and acquiring better/stable internet.
I got into BBS' back when the internet was emerging and BBS' were fading out.
So this project was something of a childhood dream, I wanted to host a BBS. Did I have a clue back when I was a younger man? Heck no.
To be honest, as a grown adult and a father of two I still didn't have a clue on how to host a BBS 20 years past their hayday.